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We have released a new tool for building Geometrical Contructions. Check it out RoboCompass

What can you do with MathDisk?

Create your own worksheets to visualize, interact with and explore the amazing world of mathematics.

  • Natural Math

    Natural Math

    Type textbook expressions without any need for specialized syntax

  • stunning 2d and 3d graphs

    Stunning 2D and 3D Graphs

    Use Drag-and-Drop expressions to easily build graphs

  • rich multimedia

    Rich MultiMedia

    Enrich your Math worksheet with image effects and videos

  • physics simulation

    Real World Physics

    Explore and correlate Math and Physics

  • step by step sequence narration

    Narrate step-by-step

    Use step-by-step animation to demystify complex math concepts

  • share and colloborate

    Share and Collaborate

    Easily share or embed worksheets online

Events and Workshops

MathCon Malaysia Conference-2012

MathDisk at MathCon 2013 at Alor Setar, Malaysia

ATCM-2012 Thailand Presentation

Presentation by Dr.Ajit Kumar on MathDisk at ATCM 2012, Bangkok Thailand

Cambodia Conference-Keynote Speaker

Co-founder Rafeeq delivering guest lecture on MathDisk at Cambodia Mathematical Society

MathDisk- Workshop-ATCM-2012

MathDisk Workshop at Thailand 2012

Reviews and Feedbacks

MathDisk - A Mathematical Photoshop boasts of several features that cannot be found in any other similar math tools. Jules Mariano

MathDisk brings your texbook alive...Who says you just cant use computers in maths? This is the tool for you!! Joachim Cohen

MathDisk provides a highly interactive and visual environment to learn Mathematics and Physics. Prof. Pablo Medina de la Cruz

We have released a new tool for building Geometrical Contructions. Check it out RoboCompass

Download on the Go

Experience the full range of Interactive Math on your tablets using MiBook Explorer.

  • Native apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Graphically rich user interface elements tailored for specific platforms.
  • High definition mathematical graphs exploiting cutting edge 3D capabilities.
(For iPad, new version is to be released shortly.
Some worksheets may not be work as expected)

Looking for Custom Solutions?

MathDisk can help you in the following ways

We can integrate MathDisk into your publishing platform to deliver multimedia-rich interactive version of your textbooks via tablet and desktop.
E-Learning Content Providers
We can tailor our learning solutions, to meet your specific needs.
Educational Institutions
We build customized worksheets that align with specific curriculum requirements and host them for your exclusive use.

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